Ultrasounds in Houston

We Provide High Quality Ultrasounds

At Women’s Healthcare Associates, we are passionate about women’s healthcare. Whether this means general obstetrics, gynecology or surgery, our medical and service staff are dedicated to servicing your specific needs. This is why we strive to cultivate a calm and comforting atmosphere, and offer bilingual services to better serve you.

Ultrasounds at Women’s Healthcare Associates

As your Houston Obsterics and women’s care facility, we offer ultrasound services for your well-being. Ultrasounds use sonic sound wave pressure to create an image of a fetus in the womb. Although the sonic waves are at a frequency that humans are unable to detect, ultrasounds can often produce very detailed images of the developing infant.

At our office, ultrasounds are used to:

  • Track the fetus’s growth rate
  • Determine the gender of the fetus
  • Ensure that there are no growth complications during pregnancy

At Women’s Healthcare Associates, it is our goal to provide the services you need for optimum health as a woman. Call us today at (713) 654-8128 (Downtown) or (713) 975-8353 (Tanglewood) to schedule your appointment!

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