• Common Reasons for Getting an IUD

    IUD Houston Intrauterine devices (IUDs) have been growing in popularity in the U.S. If you’re thinking of talking to your gynecologist about having IUD insertion near Houston, it might be because IUDs are known for their convenience and effectiveness. If you choose an IUD, you have two options available to you. Your gynecologist could insert a hormonal IUD or a copper IUD that works without hormones. Before undergoing IUD insertion , it’s important to become aware of all of the benefits and potential drawbacks of IUDs.

    One of the most common reasons for getting an IUD is that it is very convenient, particularly when compared to birth control methods such as pills and condoms. After an OBGYN doctor inserts an IUD, it remains effective for three to five years if you choose a hormonal IUD. Copper IUDs can remain effective for up to 10 years. During that time, you won’t need to worry about refilling prescriptions, taking a pill, or handling similar tasks. All you’ll need to do is perform a simple self-check once per month to make sure the device is still in place. Another reason why IUDs are a convenient choice is that hormonal IUDs may reduce your menstrual flow and cramps. For some women, menstruation ceases altogether.

    Most birth control methods are highly effective , as long as they are used correctly. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to forget to take a pill or schedule an appointment for an injection. Many women choose an IUD because they can have confidence in knowing that after the insertion, the IUD will remain effective until it is removed.

    With some methods of birth control, fertility isn’t immediately restored once the birth control is discontinued. This isn’t the case with an IUD. If you’re planning on having children in the future, an IUD may be right for you. Once you decide you’re ready to become pregnant, you can visit your gynecologist for IUD removal.

    There are some serious risks associated with IUDs, such as the possibility that the device will migrate and perforate tissue. It’s always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider about whether an IUD is safe for you. However, most women can use IUDs safely. Birth control is often a concern for breastfeeding mothers, as some drugs are present within breast milk. However, the IUD can be used during breastfeeding.

  • What Is an IUD?

    If you want birth control that does not require condoms or pills, consider IUD insertion near Houston . This video describes how IUD insertion works and why women’s healthcare experts recommend it.

    An IUD is a device that a gynecologist can implant into your uterus during a minimally invasive procedure. Depending on the type of IUD, it can obstruct sperm passage into the uterus, prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg, or simply kill sperm. Gynecologists often suggest IUD insertion for patients who want long-term birth control. Its success rate of preventing pregnancy is similar to that of tubal ligation, but it does not cause permanent side effects that may hinder pregnancy in the future. IUD removal is a simple procedure that can allow women to start families when they are ready.

  • Debunking Myths about IUDs

    Having access to safe and convenient birth control can greatly improve your quality of life. With the introduction of intrauterine devices (IUDs), many women can now look after their female health needs without the use of birth control pills or condoms. However, as effective and easy as these devices are, many women still harbor misconceptions about IUDs. The key to understanding IUD insertion near Houston is talking to a gynecology expert who can explain both the process and benefits of this birth control option. The following information can also reveal the truth behind some common IUD myths.

    Myth: IUDs Feel Uncomfortable
    Many women hesitate to pursue IUD insertion because they believe that the procedure is painful or that they will IUD Myths Houston continue to feel discomfort after insertion. Like any minimally invasive procedure, IUD insertion may cause minor discomfort. However, this side effect normally subsides in the hours following insertion. Once in place, IUDs cause no sensation, making them a highly comfortable form of birth control. Further, gynecology experts point out that the presence of an intrauterine device should in no way interfere with sexual intercourse.

    Myth: IUDs Cause Reproductive Issues
    A prevalent misconception about IUDs is that they are unsafe. Many women mistakenly assume that undergoing IUD insertion raises the danger of getting painful infections that could threaten their future fertility. Women who want to use intrauterine devices as their form of birth control can rest assured that they can do so without worry of infection. The insertion process comes with a minimal risk of infection, which is a concern only in the weeks immediately following the procedure.

    Myth: IUDs Are Inconvenient
    Women who use other forms of birth control sometimes believe that IUDs are too much trouble to get or remove, though they themselves must renew their birth control prescriptions, get injections, or purchase new condoms on a regular basis. In contrast, once IUD insertion takes place, it requires only minimal maintenance and lasts several years. Gynecology experts recommend checking the device monthly to ensure that it has not moved, but otherwise women can turn their time and attention to other matters. The procedure itself is an outpatient process and IUD removal also requires only one appointment.

  • What Happens After You Get Essure?

    Essure in Houston is one of the most effective ways for you to enjoy permanent birth control. If you do not ever want to become pregnant, or if your family is already complete, Essure might be the right measure for you. Essure stops future conception without hormones. Rather, it creates a natural obstruction of both fallopian tubes so that eggs cannot reach sperm that may enter the uterus. The first part of the procedure entails the introduction of a small device into each fallopian tube that triggers the growth of tissue around it. This tissue growth eventually results in the total blockage of each tube. However, Essure sterilization is a two-part process:

    Use Alternate Birth Control
    Essure does not produce immediate results. It can take several months for sufficient tissue growth to occur in the Essure Permanent Birth Control Houston fallopian tubes. So to prevent pregnancy during this time period, OBGYN doctors highly recommend using alternate birth control. The type of birth control you use should be discussed and approved by your gynecologist . Birth control that uses hormonal changes to prevent pregnancy may not be compatible with Essure. During the Essure implantation process, you can talk to your doctor about what can most effectively stop possible pregnancy as you wait for your next Essure appointment.

    Get a Post-Treatment Checkup
    Most women who undergo Essure must wait a minimum of 90 days before they can return for a follow-up evaluation. During this visit, a gynecologist can determine whether the fallopian tubes are adequately blocked to prevent pregnancy. This evaluation is normally done with imaging technology such as an x-ray, as well as contrast dye that can provide image definition. With visual confirmation, your OBGYN may give you approval to begin using Essure as your only form of birth control. In some cases, though, this follow-up appointment may indicate that tissue growth inside the fallopian tubes is not enough to provide a substantial measure of protection against pregnancy. Should this be the outcome of your checkup, you may need to continue using an alternate form of birth control for several more months until Essure provides its desired effects.

  • Meet Dr. Anthony P. Lucci

    Women's Healthcare Associates Houston Are you looking for an experienced OBGYN serving Houston ? How do you find a women’s healthcare professional who can understand your needs and attend to them with the competency and care you deserve?

    Women’s Healthcare Associates offers exceptional obstetrics and gynecology services because our physicians come with the highest level of professional expertise and patient dedication. Dr. Anthony P. Lucci is among our staff of compassionate and capable OBGYN doctors. For more than four decades, Dr. Lucci has been using his considerable skills to help women throughout Houston with their obstetrics and gynecology needs. His passion for female health is evident in the positions he has held over the years. Dr. Lucci has carried the title of both President of the Houston OB/GYN Society and Department Chairman of the University of Texas Medical School. He prioritizes the comfort and trust of his patients, so if you want a knowledgeable and considerate OBGYN, come to Women’s Healthcare Associates and ask for Dr. Anthony P. Lucci.

  • Beyond Pregnancy Prevention: Birth Control Benefits [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When most women consult a gynecologist about birth control pills, they’re thinking of preventing pregnancy. However, while birth control pills are extremely reliable for managing your fertility, you may be surprised to learn that they can also play a crucial role in other aspects of women’s healthcare. Birth control can be used to treat irregular or heavy periods, severe PMS and PMDD, endometriosis pain, and much more. You may even experience fewer acne breakouts while taking birth control. In this infographic, Women’s Healthcare Associates, a practice that provides obstetrics and gynecology near Houston , examines the benefits of birth control. Which birth control method is right for you? The best way to make a decision is to consult with a gynecologist to explore your options and choose the right one for your personal health history and needs. Help other women experience the health benefits of birth control by sharing this important information with your friends and family.

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  • Spotlight on Dr. Carl E. Lee

    Spotlight on Dr. Carl E. Lee

    At Women’s Healthcare Associates, our talented physicians are proud to offer affordable, high-quality healthcare services, including minimally invasive surgeries, comprehensive ultrasounds, and Essure sterilization. We’d like to introduce you to one member of our team of experienced OB/GYNs serving Houston : Dr. Carl E. Lee.

    Dr. Lee, a native of Houston, Texas, studied for his undergraduate degree at Xavier University of Louisiana where he graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. At Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Dr. Lee earned his medical degree and then completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology with the CHRISTUS St. Joseph Hospital Residency Program. The prestigious Joseph A. Lucci Chief Resident of the Year Award was awarded to Dr. Lee during his training.

    Dr. Lee is not only a contributing author to “Case Files in Obstetrics and Gynecology” but also a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Lee currently specializes in minimally invasive surgeries. When he’s not serving patients at Women’s Healthcare Associates, Dr. Lee devotes his time to various committees at Houston Methodist and St. Joseph Medical Center, where he is Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  • Meet Dr. George T. Kuhn

    Meet Dr. George T. Kuhn

    Dr. George T. Kuhn, one of the valued OB/GYN doctors serving Houston at Women’s Healthcare Associates, is a native Houstonian born in our own St. Joseph Hospital. He has been serving the women of our community for more than 25 years, providing caring OB/GYN care, particularly to those women with high-risk pregnancies or in need of minimally invasive gynecological reconstructive surgery.

    Dr. Kuhn received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and attended medical school at the University of Texas at Houston, with a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology at the St. Joseph Hospital Residency Program. He has been a leader in the Houston medical community and has served as the Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Joseph Hospital and president of the Houston Gynecological and Obstetrical Society. Dr. Kuhn founded Women’s Healthcare Associates to provide women in the community with healthcare services tailored specifically to their needs.