When Should I Talk to My Doctor About Infertility?

If you are concerned about your fertility, there is no amount of time you need to wait to have a conversation with your OB/GYN. Your gynecologist can help you plan for a healthy pregnancy, even if you have just decided to try to conceive, and give you valuable information about your fertility at any time.

Although you don’t have to wait to talk about infertility, there are certain guidelines that indicate that now is the time for a conversation with your gynecologist. If you are under 35 and have had regular, unprotected intercourse for one year, talk to your doctor. Women over 35 should see their providers after having regular, unprotected intercourse for six months.

Infertility is faced by millions of couples, but help is available. Make an appointment with a gynecologist in Houston at Women’s Healthcare Associates to discuss your fertility concerns and learn about next steps. Schedule a consultation today by calling (713) 654-8128.

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