• What Is Essure?

    What Is Essure?

    If you’re done having children and want a permanent birth control solution without surgery, then Essure could be the answer. Essure is non-hormonal and can be implanted in the office of your gynecologist serving Houston in a 10-minute procedure. Could Essure be the right birth control for you? Here are the facts you need to know.

    How Does Essure Work?

    The Essure system consists of two small coils. These coils are implanted at the ends of your fallopian tubes, where they connect with your uterus. Once the coils are in place, the body builds tissue around them, effectively closing off the fallopian tubes. When the tubes are closed, sperm cannot enter to reach an egg and fertilize it. Essure sterilization is over 99 percent effective.

    What Happens During the Implantation?

    Gynecologists implant Essure in the office. The coils are gently guided to their places in the fallopian tubes via the vagina. Local anesthesia may be offered, but many patients have the procedure without any kind of anesthesia. The process is over in about 10 minutes and the total appointment time for getting Essure is typically 45 minutes. You can return to normal activities in a day or two. A few months after implantation, your gynecologist will check to see if you’re protected against pregnancy. He or she will insert dye into your uterus and use an ultrasound to see if any of the dye leaks into your fallopian tubes. If there is no leak, your Essure sterilization was successful. You will need to use alternative birth control until this second step is complete.

    Who Is a Good Candidate for Essure?

    If you are certain that you are done having children, then Essure could be a good option. It is also ideal for women who need a permanent birth control but are hesitant to have a surgical procedure. Because it is non-hormonal, Essure doesn’t carry the same risks as birth control pills or hormonal IUDs. The best way to decide if Essure is right for you is to schedule a consultation with your gynecologist.

  • How Does Essure Work?

    How Does Essure Work?

    Essure is a hormone-free, permanent birth control option. Your gynecologist serving Houston can insert Essure in his or her office without general anesthesia in a quick and gentle procedure. How exactly does Essure sterilization protect you from pregnancy? This video explains.

    Essure consists of two small coils that are placed into the openings of the fallopian tubes via the vagina. The body then builds a barrier around the coils that block the fallopian tubes so sperm cannot enter. To confirm that you have protection, your women’s health specialist will perform an ultrasound of your uterus and fallopian tubes using a special dye. If the dye does not enter the uterus, then the Essure barrier is complete and you will be unable to become pregnant.

  • The Benefits of IUDs

    The Benefits of IUDs

    Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, provide long-lasting pregnancy protection without the need to try to remember to take a daily pill. IUD insertion takes place in the office of your gynecologist serving Houston in a quick procedure. IUDs are available in both hormonal and non-hormonal forms, so they are compatible with a variety of women’s health issues. Are you considering using an IUD for birth control? Here is a look at some of the benefits.

    Flexible Birth Control

    When your gynecologist completes the IUD insertion, you have immediate protection against pregnancy, unlike birth control pills, which you frequently need to take for a week or longer before they are effective. If you decide that you want to become pregnant, simply ask your gynecologist to remove the device, and you will be able to conceive. Women who are taking birth control pills, particularly if they have been taking them for long periods, may have a lag time between when they stop their pills and when they can become pregnant.

    Safe for Most Women

    Birth control pills are not ideal for all women. Health issues such as hypertension and a history of breast cancer, as well as habits such as smoking, can make it dangerous for you to take birth control pills. If your gynecologist has told you that birth control pills are not safe for you, an IUD could be an option. Non-hormonal IUDs don’t create the same risk factors as birth control pills can for women with certain medical conditions.

    Constant Pregnancy Protection

    While pills and barrier birth control methods such as condoms provide reliable pregnancy protection, their effectiveness is often compromised by human error. For instance, if you forget to take a pill or a condom breaks, you could be at risk for an unplanned pregnancy. With the IUD, your pregnancy protection is constant and doesn’t require any action from you.

  • Meet Dr. George T. Kuhn

    Meet Dr. George T. Kuhn

    Dr. George T. Kuhn, one of the valued OB/GYN doctors serving Houston at Women’s Healthcare Associates, is a native Houstonian born in our own St. Joseph Hospital. He has been serving the women of our community for more than 25 years, providing caring OB/GYN care, particularly to those women with high-risk pregnancies or in need of minimally invasive gynecological reconstructive surgery.

    Dr. Kuhn received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and attended medical school at the University of Texas at Houston, with a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology at the St. Joseph Hospital Residency Program. He has been a leader in the Houston medical community and has served as the Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Joseph Hospital and president of the Houston Gynecological and Obstetrical Society. Dr. Kuhn founded Women’s Healthcare Associates to provide women in the community with healthcare services tailored specifically to their needs.