Blog Posts in May, 2018

What You Need to Know about Geriatric Pregnancy

If you’ve heard the term “geriatric pregnancy” you may have visions of a gray-haired woman with a baby bump, but this term is misleading—and, thankfully, not used too often in ...
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Reasons for Endometrial Biopsies

During an endometrial biopsy, your gynecologist will remove a small sample of tissue from the lining of your uterus, called the endometrium. There are several reasons your gynecologist may recommend ...
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Breastfeeding Challenges and Solutions

does come with some challenges. Your OB/GYN can provide advice and resources to make breastfeeding easier for you as you adjust to motherhood. Watch this video to learn about some of the common ...
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I'm in Perimenopause. What Are My Birth Control Options?

Being in perimenopause does not mean that you cannot get pregnant. At this stage of your life, it is still necessary to use birth control if you do not wish to have any children. The best way to ...
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What Women Should Know About Ovarian Cancer

It’s a common misconception that gynecologists can screen patients for ovarian cancer with pap tests and pelvic exams. Actually, pap tests can only check for precancerous conditions of the ...
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How Frequently Do I Need to Get a Pap Smear?

It can be a challenge to know how frequently you need to have a Pap smear, but it is an extremely important test when it comes to women’s health. Pap smears can help your doctor find any ...
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