Healthiest Foods for Pregnant Women

Eating healthy foods is important for women’s health in general, but especially for pregnant women. Following established nutritional guidelines can help you have a healthy pregnancy, and being mindful of what you’re eating can also help you avoid unwanted weight gain. So how do you know what types of foods are good choices?

One good guideline is to make sure you are eating a wide variety of items. This will help make sure your baby is getting the nutrients it needs to grow properly. If you are concerned about this, you can also talk to your doctor about taking vitamins or supplements, but let them recommend what kind you should take. Sometimes they may suggest a prenatal vitamin for you. At our obstetrics office serving patients in Houston, TX, the team at Women’s Healthcare Associates advises women on this very topic every day.

Add fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for everyone! Pregnant women who are trying to get a range of nutrients will benefit from making sure they are eating a wide variety of these items every day. Choosing fruits and veggies of different colors can be an easy way to make sure you’re getting different vitamins and minerals. If you struggle with getting enough of these healthy substances in your diet, here are two easy options that may be more appealing than eating them straight:

Make a smoothie.

Blending some fruits and veggies together can be a great way to sneak in some healthy foods without having to do a lot of preparation. It’s also perfect for adding some nutrition to your treat! Try tossing in some spinach leaves, carrots, or celery, then adding fruit to sweeten.

Try out a salad.

There are tons of healthy salad recipes out there that don’t feature iceberg lettuce as the main event. Sample different ones and see which you like! Try a tomato/cucumber/onion salad, or opt for some type of bean salad. The options are endless. Just make sure you go easy on the dressing if it’s high in calories, or find one you like that is a healthier option.

Get some fiber

Fiber can be an important thing to add to your diet when pregnant for a number of different reasons. Besides the fact that it can aid in keeping blood pressure low and easing constipation, fiber also makes you feel full. This can help combat food cravings and prevent overeating. Since excess weight gain in pregnancy can be a concern, consider fiber your friend!

A few high fiber foods that you may want to include in your diet include oatmeal, whole grain breads, and nuts, although the latter can be high in calories, so eat in moderation. Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, as well—another reason to add them to your diet while pregnant. If you would like a more complete list or some guidance for tasty recipes, contact us at Women’s Healthcare Associates. We’re happy to share any resources we have with you!

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